Born 23rd June 2016 – UK EU Referendum Day. 

New forever home 21st August 2016

Day 1 – Sunday 21st August

Woke up with our fellow inmates today the boss was keeping an eye on us from the top of the biggest climbing frame. He said he used to be a stunt cat in the James Bond films, you know the big white cat who the baddy strokes when he plans to rule the world.   The oldies were asleep in their beds and when we grow up we will be able to sleep on those beds but at the moment we have to sleep in our cell, we think Old Ginger who has bad eyes has the best bed.

Today was our day release to the pet shop, our human guard was trying to raise money for our prison (it’s called a cat rescue home) and it was our time to impress new humans who want to give us a forever home.  Today we showed off our favourite skill – sleeping, the guard told us a family of four came to visit and said they wanted us but when we got back to the prison, Tabby in the cell next to us said they picked the black twins in the cell below.  Oh well maybe someone will pick us next week and time to go back to sleep. But they didn’t put us back in our cell, why are we still in the carry box? We prefer to sleep in cell than in this small box, we had a blanket in that cell.


‘New home for you two tonight’ said the head human guard.

‘What?’  We purred and went back to sleep wondering where we will wake up.

The bumpy car journey woke us up there were two humans in the front (they are called E and J) and one human in the back (called M) telling us the journey wasn’t long, yes it wasn’t long but it was still bumpy.  They let us out of the carry box in the hall, and we had a walk round our new home. It looks like a nice place, plenty of room to run around and plenty of things to climb; it was a lot bigger than our cell.

They gave us our names…

I’m called Boris named after Boris Johnson because of our birthday (would of preferred Ginger Ninja)

And after E went thought all French girls names (she loves France) and girl characters in her favourite TV shows (she loves her TV) I’m Florence (Flo for short) because it’s a pretty girl’s name like me, I like to watch TV too, so I have a common interest with E but I also like to see how it works front the back too.

Our new family had brought us a new bed to sleep in but we preferred the magazine rack. Time to sleep more exploring tomorrow.

Love Boris and Florence xxx

Week 1

I think if we pretend we are good kittens we could stay here forever.  M feeds us and cleans up our litter tray; she even cleaned up my poo from behind the TV.  In our new home we don’t have to share with other cats and the humans don’t put us in a cell at night. Our first full day in ‘Masion de BoFlo’ we explored the rest of the living room as I can’t get behind the TV now it is blocked up with DVDs and cardboard boxes. The television is massive the size of 10 cats and its good because we can watch all our favourite programmes with E but I like to get close up especially when the tennis or a wildlife programme is on.img_6293

It’s funny when we find a new place to hide behind when we go back there is a cardboard box and we can’t get past. We can’t go behind the stereo or computer desk to play with the wires now as the boxes are in our way. We have been in the kitchen sliding on the floor and when we are big we can find out what is up above, we think it is where our food comes from.

We have had lots of new toys my favourite is a furry mouse I carry it around in my mouth and Boris’s favourite is a furry rat which he won’t let me play with. We have lots of balls and a blue cube with 2 big holes in for us to run through and E’s friend V brought us a blue fish but we can’t eat it as it tastes of cat nip and cotton. But even with all these toys Boris like to play in the litter tray as he thinks its sand pit and I like to swing on the curtains. I can go upstairs but Boris is too small to run up so he takes one step at a time and E or M has to carry him down or he will roll down.  One night we played upstairs when E and M wanted to sleep it was funny until they closed their bedroom doors.

Lots of visitors this week we are big news, first was our neighbours.  We were sleeping but M put us on the chair and a mini human (I think she is called a toddler) laughed out loud and scared Boris that he hid behind the chair.  I entertained them with my cuteness and ball skills but I wasn’t happy when mini human started playing with our toys. Other group of visitors was J’s friends a bit bigger than the mini human (I think he is called a child) and we played with them for a while then hid under the computer table when we were bored. The ‘child’ kept trying to pick us up but we would run off, he did pick up Boris and his Mom took a photo.  Boris didn’t move but that’s because he was doing a poo at the time.

One day this week we were left on our own as Masion de BoFlo was a human free zone as E and M went to something called ‘work’. At lunchtime V came to visit and played with us for a few hours and gave us our lunch so we couldn’t cause too much trouble and we didn’t starve.  M is going to retire soon so we won’t be alone we will have someone to play with us all day.

Our first week went well I think, we found lots of places to play and I think our new family are pushovers a few more weeks and we will have them wrapped around our little paws or big paws in Boris’s case.

Love Florence  xxx


We had our first trip to this place called the vets this month. The vet was very gentle he is called Mr B and E and M said he is the only one we will be seeing in the future something about putting the cat first not the money.  He was very gentle but I don’t think we will go again, he said that we have ringworm.  I can’t see any rings or worms and neither can Flo but she is supposed to have more than me and that’s not fair.  So for the next 2 weeks we had to have medicine I liked it but with Flo E had to hold her tight and M had to put the medicine in her mouth.  Most of it went on Flo’s head not in her mouth.  We had to go back at the end of the month and Mr B said I was clear but Flo still has some ringworms so we both have to have more medicine for another 2 weeks hummmmm.

We had more visitors this month we are very popular.  E and J’s cousin I came to visit, we showed off for a bit then Flo went all shy and played with her ball on her own.  I went to sleep on J’s long legs and when I woke up they had all gone home.  We had our house back so we ran around and around until E and M got tired playing with us and went to bed.  We are bored of the living room and bedrooms now we want to go out but they won’t let until we have had our injections and something about a microchip.  Are we robots? I can walk like a robot E says I walk like Monty Python.


We are allowed in the glass porch looking thought the glass the outside world is big there is a lot more humans and funny looking cats that are really big and bark, I think they are called dogs. We were allowed into the back garden for 7 minutes and 47 seconds (E filmed our first steps outside for our Instagram account) Flo went first because she is really brave.  We had a look around the patio and flower pots and I went in our newly painted cat kennel.  E said the cat kennel is old and it was the house for two old cats called Taz and Chelsea there is a picture of Taz on the wall and a picture of Chelsea on E’s leg.


Next month we are going to see what this green stuff is in the garden, we have been told not to eat it.

 Love Boris xxx


Lots of climbing this month and sometimes I think I’m a monkey and try and swing from one curtain to another.  I got into trouble as I broke the curtain rail and pulled part of it down, we only had one curtain for a week and M was not impressed.  But the handyman came and put up a new one, I kept watching him thinking how long it will take me to break this rail.  It’s been 3 weeks now and it’s still standing however there are more holes in the net curtains.


Boris must be the only cat in the world that cannot land on his feet instead he lands on his head, his side and his tail. Every part of this body except his feet, my brother has no coordination.  He thinks his is a leopard with his dark ginger spots but with his big back paws he hops like a rabbit.  I don’t like him playing with my favourite balls so I have to hid them from him, I put them under the cupboard when he is not looking and sometimes when he is getting on my nerves I make him chase me upstairs then I run back down and hid so he can’t find me.  Sometimes I need a break from my crazy brother.

We both like to play with E and in the morning before she goes to work (or ‘crappy work’ as she calls it) when she is reading the newspaper we like to read it… I mean eat it at the same time. Then in the evening when we want to play and she wants to go on her exercise bike we sit under her pedals so she can’t use it.  Boris liked to help her when she is putting her stickers in her Euro 2016 Football Sticker Album and I like to watch Criminal Minds with her.

We went further up the garden this month; our human family tidied the garden for us to play in.  They cut the grass and cut down a tree but there are still plenty of branches left on the other trees for us to climb up and now there is a mountain of leaves (the same colour as Boris) and sticks at the top of the garden for us to hide under.  E thinks we will get stuck I won’t but I think Boris might. I have learnt how to jump up a fence and climb one of the trees the humans forget to cut down, now I can look into our neighbour’s kitchen.  Boris as tried to climb but he keeps falling off.  We would like to go out more but E said it’s too cold or too dark. There is a big black and white cat who comes in our garden, we can’t go out when he is there just in case he doesn’t want to play, but he like to play (I think) with us thought the patio window he keeps tapping on it while we just look at him.

More medicine this month for our ringworms, Boris likes the taste but I don’t so I try and keep my mouth shut or wiggle around so E and M miss my mouth. They try to give it to us when we are a sleep so now I have to sleep with one eye open.  It’s not fair we went to the vets again this month and Boris’s ringworms have gone away so no more medicine for him but I still have a tiny bit under my eye so now I have to have medicine and some liquid to wash it away under my eye.  Boris doesn’t like to be left out so E pretends she is cleaning under his eye too.

Hopefully no more medicine in November.

Love Flo xxx



We had to go to see the vet Mr B twice this month; we have no more ringworms now so he gave us a treat while he put some stuff on the back of our necks.  Flo said it was a sharp thing with liquid in but it didn’t hurt and as long as Flo got the same I don’t care. We also got a bag with treats and a toy they didn’t have any blue boy toys so I got a pink kicker thingy just like Flo’s, but I prefer play with the bag.  E said we are insured now (whatever that means) and she has told us to stop fighting and not to fall out of any trees so we don’t have to go back to the vets for long time.  But Flo said we might have to go back in the new year for an operation, she said I will have to have the chop! The Chop? What’s the chop? It sounds really bad. We have grown up a lot this month I weight the same as Flo and I’m growing into my big paws but I still run up and down the stairs to fast that most the time I roll down to the bottom.

We haven’t been out in the garden much this month,  E and M say it’s too cold to go out but we have our fur coats so we aren’t cold. Flo doesn’t like to get her paws wet so she prefers to stay in when it’s been raining but I like getting wet. I still can’t climb as high as Flo I think I will just stay in the garden.  E said she will buy me a lead and take me for walks so I can see what is outside the garden.


nightE leaves her bedroom door open at night and lets us sleep on her bed, if we are naughty we have to sleep downstairs because she will close her door.  We only sleep on her bed sometimes as most nights I want to play when E and Flo want to sleep so Flo and me have to sleep downstairs instead. Flo is not happy with me when that happens and hides my favorite toy (a radiator knob) or plays with my cuddly rat.


The DVDs and videos around the TV have been taken away and now we have more room to run around.  We like to run around the back of the TV and play with our tails and Flo like to climb up to the TV and watch the programme close up. E and M try and trick us to get us to come out by waving our favorite toys so we run out for them.  It worked for a while but now we run out grab our toys and take them to the back of the TV and play with them there. This month E brought us some Christmas decorations so that we could pose for our Christmas card photo.  She wanted us to stand by a Christmas tree together but we preferred to eat the tinsel and knock the tree over.

It was M’s 70th Birthday this month and we were left on our own for 3 long days, but Aunty R from next door came and feed us in the morning and again at night. It was boring not having the humans to play with especially when Flo would run and hide from me.

Love Boris x



Well I went to sleep under the table one morning and when I woke up there were these little old men with white beards and red coats standing still the living room.  They were all different sizes but they didn’t do anything even when we were chewing at their clothes. Boris said he helped the humans put these little old men and white round men with orange pointy noses on display, he said he helped get them out of the boxes but got told off when he tried to eat them. Boris also tried to help E wrap up some Christmas presents but he kept getting in the way.

For Christmas we had a new climbing frame as we broke the old one.  I had to wait until Boris is asleep or out of the living room before I can get on it as he would push me off it. Now he prefers to sleep on a chair underneath the dining table next to the radiator I can sleep on the climbing frame in peace. Also we had some more balls and some treats I didn’t like them so more for Boris. But we both liked playing in the parcel bags.

Even after 3 months in our forever home we are still finding new places to explore. Firstly we like to play under E’s bed. It’s Ok if we sleep under there but we get in trouble if we fight under there in the middle of the night. Then on Christmas Day we climbed over the fence and had a look round the next door’s garden. Boris went first and I followed we didn’t stay over there long because E climbed over the fence caught us and put us back in our garden. This happened a lot of time over the Christmas holiday. E said after we have our microchips and operations we will be allowed to go in other gardens but not the front garden. She said it’s a big bad world out there lots of cars, dogs and other humans… but we can’t wait for our adventure…Happy 2017!

Love Florence x


January 2017

Florence and I have had a busy month, a couple of trips to the vets and one visit we stayed there all day.  Florence has a bald spot and stitches and I don’t know what the Vets did to me while I was sleep but I think there is something missing now.  E said we were ‘neutered’ whatever that means and we both had microchips put in us so that if we get lost the humans can check the chip and find out where we live. Well they will find out where I live but not Flo as her chip belonged to another cat.  E has been stressed trying to change the details but the Vets said it was not their problem.  Lucky for Flo she now has the right microchip and good for me too as I didn’t want to lose my sister.  Who would I play hide and seek with if she wasn’t here?


Now we have our microchips E and M let us play in the garden on our own and we have been exploring this month.  We have been into the neighbors’ gardens and the garages at the back of our garden. M has had to make holes in the fences as I can’t climb trees or fences yet I keep falling down. We have met some of the local cats, they are all so big! There is a big black and white cat called Rocky that comes into our garden a lot we just look at each other then walk away.  His brother Freddy went missing for a few days and we were all very worried, but his home now.

We have to come back home every hour or E and M shout our names.  We come back for something to eat then go back out again and I come back to go to the toilet on our litter tray.  I haven’t worked out how to ‘go’ outside. We are not allowed to go out when its dark we have to wait until its light but at nighttime its ok because we like to play computer games with M.


Can’t wait to explore more next month, make more friends and maybe bring the humans some presents back from our adventures.

Love Boris




We have been busy exploring this month, we have hardly been in the house. We would go out at night but E and M won’t let us, we have to be home before it gets dark. We can’t wait for the summer.  We have a few friends Rocky who lives up the road wants to play a lot, but I prefer following his brother Freddy around.  Sometimes Boris gets jealous but he has his squirrel friends and worms to play with.

This month Doris came to visit, we didn’t see her but the humans said her other name was storm.  We couldn’t go out when she came to much wind and rain. I don’t like getting my paws wet. After she left a big tree had fallen down two houses away so now we don’t have to squeeze under the bush to get to the other garden as there is no bush there now and the fallen tree is now the only tree Boris can climb up.  He is not very good at climbing so when he is getting on my nerves I climb on the garage roof because he can’t get up there.


When its bedtime, we sleep upstairs we don’t want to pick our favourite human so one night we sleep on E’s bed and the next night on M’s bed so we don’t show any favouritism. I like to sleep on the landing under the washing sometimes so Boris can’t find me.

And good news this month, we got thought the whole month without going to the vet…but Boris as to go  in March he has a bad eye, he seems to be crying all the time.

Love Florence




Not a good month for me, backwards and forwards to the Vets as the humans say I have a bad eye. It doesn’t hurt as it doesn’t stop me playing outside or chasing Flo around, but it’s very runny and gunky.  My Vet Mr B said my eye is not scratched and give me some eye drops but that didn’t work so then I had some other eye drops and that stopped me from squinting but made my eye bleed a bit. That hasn’t happened for a week now but my eye is still as gunk in it. I look like I’m crying all the time but I’m not sad and no one know what is wrong with my eye yet so I might have to go and see an eye specialist, I hope they are nice to me.

On a positive point this month I got to the top of a garage roof, when E saw me and shouted my name, she was worried I wouldn’t be able to get down.  It was hard to get down the first time but the black cat from the next road showed how to get down.  I have to remember climb down the back of the garage not to jump off.  My next goal to get to the top of my own garage, it’s like a roof top garden where the birds, squirrels and Flo go to have a break from me chasing them around the garden.

Ok time to go and climb another garage, I love the spring as I can play outside all day but I don’t like the rain.

Love Boris xxx


He did it! Boris climbed onto our garage roof. E, J and M were all watching him to see if he could get down but he wouldn’t come down. He was having too much fun exploring and eating the bird seed E put up there so he wouldn’t eat it.  I showed him how to get down when the humans weren’t looking, it’s our little secret.  But they have seen him fall off the roof, he was lucky because he landed on a mountain of leaves. Now he can climb with me we work as a team when chasing the squirrels.  We haven’t caught one yet but Boris did bring E and M a present – a dead pigeon.  It was as big as Boris and it was already dead when he found it so it doesn’t really count as a kill.

Boris and me love the spring and the lighter mornings and nights, as we get to stay out longer. Boris loves going out so much he wakes us all up at 6.15 every morning, even on weekends. I like to wake up later and will only go out if it is warm.  I don’t like being cold or my paws being wet I rather stay indoors and play on M’s computer. Rocky still comes in our garden for his daily walk and sometimes his brother Freddy comes to look after him as Rocky has funny turns sometimes and has to sit down until his legs are working again. 

In the house we have a new place to sleep at night – the purple bathroom mat. M won’t let Boris sleep in the bathroom so every time the bath room door opens he runs in and rolls all over it, he won’t let me play on it (it’s OK as I won’t let him eat my food). Now I have my own purple mat too and it’s next to Boris’s on the landing outside the bedrooms.  We both like pulling at the mats so now there are bits of purple fluff all over the house. I like to sleep on E’s bed at the top and I like to play around 4am, so I headbutt E to wake up and stroke me.

Cat 59 2017

Boris’s eye is still runny so next month he will have to go and see an eye specialist, I hope I don’t have to go.

Love Florence x



This month I had to go and see an eye specialist, I was in the car longer than when I go to the vet and I got bored of journey so I would moan at E and M to let me out.  The specialist man put drops and air in my eyes, and shined a light at me too.  He told me to look up and down but I didn’t have to read the letters off the wall.

It cost E and M £300 for our 20 minute visit and I had to have 3 drops of gel a day in my poorly eye for the infection to go away.  By the end of this month my eye doesn’t run so much and I don’t squint anymore. I have to go back on 21st June for a check-up; E and M hope my appointment doesn’t cost much more…and that I sleep on the way there and back.

cat may2

My dodgy eye

This month we had to look after the neighbours Rocky and Freddy, they only have breakfast and supper and they stay out all day.  Flo and me have breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, biscuits, dinner, more biscuits and supper.

I’m getting up earlier and earlier now its summer, I try and wake up Flo first then E, I start at 5.30 but Flo and E will not get up until at least 6.15.  I like to go out and explore but one of our neighbours have put up a new fence and blocked me in my own garden, even Flo can’t climb over the high fence.

cats mayBored!

So our mission for June -find a new way out of the garden next month.

Love Boris x


June was a cool month for us as it was our 1st birthday on 23rd June, we are big cats now so we should be allowed to stay out later at night but E wants us in by 10pm.

There was too much rain the start of June and meant too much Boris.  I don’t mind staying in the house (I like to sleep) when it’s raining, but my brother always wants to go out and doesn’t stop moaning when he can’t.  To make matters worse E and M went away for the weekend so we couldn’t go out much, Aunty R and Aunty V looked after us and let us out a few times.

Then the next weekend it was too hot, we did play with ice cubes but that was boring and E did cool us down with a wet flannel. I would sleep until the sun went in then go out and play and catch the flies.

Boris went back to the eye specialist this month who said he is ok and doesn’t have to come back which is good news but couldn’t actually say what was wrong with him.  His eye is better not so sore but it still keeps running so E and M have to keep wiping his eye.  Boris doesn’t care but E and M worry about him and still don’t know what is wrong with his eye.  I cut my paw but I cleaned it myself so I don’t have to go to the vets.

We both love playing the in garden and my favourite game is tag with Boris.  I tap him on the head then he chased after me. Boris’s favourite game is rolling around in the dirt.

I hope the sun stays out for the rest of the summer. Sun = play.

Love Flo



My eye still waters and my other eyes waters too, but not as much.  No one knows how to fix me and E and M are always wiping my eyes and the dirt of my face.

We have new neighbour called Sadie, she is a funny looking cat. E said she is a terrier dog but I’m sure her name is Sadie. She came into our garden through my hole in the fence so the humans had to block up the hole as I cannot climb fences, walls or trees I can’t see her unless E picks me up.

Boris July

Flo likes to climb on the fence and watches Sadie run around. I get bored trying to work out how to climb so I go on my adventures where I do not have to climb. One day I was away exploring for a few hours and everyone was really worried I got lost but I came home when I was hungry.

boris and flo july

Sometimes Flo climbs over fences to have a break from me, but we do love playing together in the garden when it’s sunny.

Love Boris



We have been in our forever home for a year now, so we think we are going to keep this human family. We have bankrupted them with vets bills, food and toys (our current favourite is the bubble machine). I have ripped the wallpaper off and Boris as ripped the carpet up. We both like to play chase around the house and only sometimes do we fight – like most brothers and sisters.


But we haven’t always caused trouble because we make sure is E up of time so she is not late for work and doesn’t sleep in at weekends as we always  wake her up before 6am.  When M is doing the housework we keep her company by never leaving her side. She tells us we are getting in her way but I’m sure she means help me more.

We have had an excellent first year and we can’t wait to cause more trouble in the future.

Love Flo




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