(Royal) Wedding SUITS – TV weddings

So the day after the big event, what do we do now?  Re-watch it of course.  Even thou we had no extra day off and it was on Cup Final day, not the best way to treat their subjects, but a great excuse to sit and watch TV for around ten hours straight.

After a week of three or four episodes every night I finally finished Suits season seven before the big day. Thankfully Meghan’s dress is much better (and way more expensive) then Rachel’s and I wonder if her Suits co-stars smirked in the Chapel when the Dean of Windsor said ‘we come together to witness the marriage of Henry too many middle names and RACHEL Megan’.  I think Suits could still be great without Duchess of Sussex but without Mike, I’m not so sure.

My highlights of this royal wedding was spotting the Suits gang and Rick Hoffman bored look during the Pastor’s 13 minute (it felt much longer) rant.  His expression was amusing but he couldn’t beat Zara’s ‘hurry up before my waters break’ face.

And after it was announced Meghan’s Dad was not going to be fit enough to attend and Prince Charles would walk her down the aisle, I was hoping it was would be Rick in full Louis Litt character instead.  Insulting the guests and shouting at the paperboys and bridesmaids while walking through the chapel, then complaining that Camilla was in his seat.

The best part of any wedding is the food and bar, it’s a shame no photos were allowed at this one’s afternoon and evening dos. Also I’m not much of a romantic and as my favourite type of TV shows are serial killers and zombies; I can only remember a few TV weddings and most of them are from Friends. Phoebe and Mike, Ross and Emily, Chandler and Monica (feeling old as it was aired 17 years ago this week!) and my favourite would be Ross and Rachel in Vegas…’Hello Mrs Ross’ ‘Hello Mr Rachel’.


In my option the ultimate TV wedding isn’t any of the royal ones, it has to be Neighbours’ Scott and Charlene’s wedding. (30 years ago I am actually old), getting hitched to the song ‘Suddenly’ by Angry Anderson, which was also used in Wales’s answer to Kylie and Jason – Vanessa and Dave Coaches wedding in the last ever Gavin and Stacey episode.

So there was no Angry Anderson in Windsor yesterday, but I might put a bet on that ‘Stand By Me’ will be number one next weekend.

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