Windsor Castle: A SUITS–able day out for a Royalist.

What to get my royalist mom for Mother’s Day? When her house is already full of Royal Family books,  commemorative plates and cups…a weekend in Windsor of course.

With Harry and Meghan’s wedding in a few months we wanted to visit the wedding venue St George’s Chapel (left my reserved sign on the best seat) and Windsor Castle (£21 a ticket online) so that we could say on 19th May watching their big day from the sofa –We’ve been there’ and we’ve sat were the Queen, Charles and Camilla, William and Kate, Mike, Lewis or Donna are sitting during the ceremony.

Personally I think St George’s Chapel will look much bigger on the television than it actually is. Of course it’s bigger than your average chapel but a small venue for a Royal wedding I don’t think Harry and Meghan could fit all their families, showbiz mates and politicians in there. It’s supposed to hold 800 people; I think that would be a tight squeeze.  The building is high, large stained glass windows and amazing gothic cravings and statues.  Bit weird getting married surrounded by tombs and bodies buried under your feet, but it isn’t an ordinary wedding.

All outside shots, no photos can be taken in the Chapel or State Apartments in the castle.

IMG_9309Changing of the guard was around 11am the foreign tourists loved it, I got shoved out the way by a little old German lady.  Within the castle, we peasants were allowed in the State Apartments and a very dark room displaying Queen Mary’s Dolls House. Watch you don’t trip over anyone it’s so dark!

There is no café in the castle grounds, but the castle is surrounded by cafés outside her walls.  Her majesty would know opening a Starbucks in her garden would upset the locals. We stopped off at the Clarence Brasserie & Tea Room which is on Church Road (when you exit the castle grounds go straight head). Our bill of £22 included afternoon tea (scone and tea or coffee), the Duchess (scone and a sandwich with tea or coffee) and a hot chocolate. A good snack which recharged the batteries after walking around the castle and chapel and gave us enough energy to walk around Eton and to a pub which will remain nameless due to the message of the toilet door – who would have thought Eton could be a rough area (or full of bored rich people).IMG_9329

We stayed at the Travelodge Windsor: a perfect position in the middle of the town centre, the multi storey car park (King Edward Court – Level 4b), the train station and a few restaurants (I recommend Bills – excellent steak) are on its doorstep and the castle was only a short walk (less than 10 minutes).  We could hear the outdoor noises but it stated on their website there could be external noise as it’s in the middle of a town, so no complaints from us. The rooms were clean, everything works and the staff were helpful, what more do you need from a budget hotel?

So now I know what the Chapel looks like and the route the bride and groom will take the only thing that I’ll be looking out for on 19th May now will be Harvey Spector.


The Queen was at home, no offer of a cuppa thou lol.

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