New Year – New start…again. Declutter, Declutter, Declutter

I think I’ve had worst years than 2016 but it wasn’t the best.  I lost two best friends my 18 year old cat Chelsea died and my friend of 12 years Monsieur X blocked me (no fault of my own he fell in love with someone else), but I did have two new family members Boris and Florence. I had Chelsea’s face tattooed on my leg in her honour and I think a tattoo of Monsieur X’s visage would be ok too, as long as the nurses at the psychiatric hospital let me treat it while it healed.  I haven’t reached ‘girl on the train’ crazy just yet.

sept-and-october-2016-001With Christmas presents and New Year sales I needed room and I think this time of year is a good time to declutter (DVD, sky box and life): First I started with my Monsieur X box, a box load of clothes he gave me went to the charity shop (kept the good stuff) and oui I know I should throw all physical memories of him away but I couldn’t, so the letters, photos, tickets and small items went in a small box which is now right at the back of my cupboard.  Next up was the wardrobe and my clothes ended up in three piles – keep, eBay (then charity if they didn’t sell) and bin. Then there was my DVD collection, I would prefer to have my favorite films and TV shows lined up in alphabetic order however one I have no room so most of them are in boxes in a cupboard and two when I want to watch a film its quicker and easier to download it instead of hunting for the DVD in bedroom.  I didn’t send all my collection off to Music Magpie, just the films which I have only watched once or the ‘bargains’ which are still in the cellophane and it all this cash made will go towards my future travels.

My Sky box was next it’s currently on 46% memory left most of them are shows recorded from last month and either I watch them within the next week or delete them as new seasons are starting (NCIS and Blue Bloods) and I hope I won’t have much time this year to watch television…with any luck and hard work I will be visiting the locations instead of watching them.

So what will 2017 bring? Hopefully lots of travelling, but in the meantime I will seek inspiration and try and find myself from the sofa while watching Wild and Eat Love and Pray again.

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